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Fundraising Prizes

We try to offer both Group and Individual prizes, like critiques, books, or Q&A sessions with authors and agents, to encourage people to fundraise and write during the campaign. Check out our offerings below for 2022 Mighty Pens! All prizes will be available for international participants unless stated otherwise below.


How To Get Prizes

All individual prizes will be raffled off at the end of NaNoWriMo! All participants will receive one entry, but you can get more entries by fundraising! However, participants will only be eligible for one prize. (Probably).

For every additional $50 raised, a participant will earn an extra entry into the raffles! As an example of what that will look like, see below:

  • $50 raised – 1 extra entry
  • $150 raised – 3 extra entries
  • $300 raised – 6 extra entries
  • $500 raised – 10 extra entries

Most of our group prizes are available for all participants. We love the community and want to make NaNo even more enjoyable by being as interactive as our introvert-base can handle *wink*. Details for events will be made available closer to their actual dates; check out the group prizes tab for information. Please note most group events will be held on the discord.

  1. Fundraise! To learn how, head here.
  2. When you hit certain fundraising tiers, check out the prizes above to see what appeals to you. We suggest planning ahead and choosing several options because the prizes go quickly!
  3. On November 10, 20, and 30th, you’ll come here to access out “prize gates” that open at 12:00 ET (noon!) and will remain open for 48 hours. We revamped the prize system this year so hopefully it will be easier and faster for everyone involved.
  4. You’ll be able to claim one prize during each prize gate. You can choose the prize from any of the tiers you’ve reached.
  5. Be sure to update your fundraising totals via the link you got when you joined so we can verify. If you have any questions, ask @mentors on the discord or send us an email.
  6. And, at the end of the campaign, four random participants will also win a complete Scrivener license, and one will win a Wonderdraft license (courtesy of Literature & Latte and Amity Thompson)!