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Fundraising Prizes

No matter how much you wrote or raised, if you donated the $10 to Nanowrimo, you’re eligible for the prizes below!

Entry deadline is Sunday, December 5th, at 4pm ET/1pm PT.


Signed copy of A History of Wild Places from Shea Ernshaw

US or Canada

Signed copy of Revengers from David Valdes Greenwood


A signed copy or preorder of a Wickery book by Dana Swift

Signed in US, Book Depository otherwise (or eBook of book 1)

Preorder of We Are the Song by Catherine Bakewell

Signed in US, Book Depository otherwise


Query critique from author Tara Goedjen

One winner.

Query + first chapter critique from author Dana Swift

One winner.

First 2 pages (~500 words) critique from author India Holton

Two winners!

Full manuscript critique from author, former agency intern, and Mighty Pens volunteer Zara Hoffman

Three winners!

Ornaments, lights, and a Christmas tree with the Mighty Pens logo and the words "Prize Entry"

Everyone who signed up for the Mighty Pens and donated $10 to Nanowrimo gets an entry! If you raised money, you might earn bonus entries (see the table below). You’re on the honor system here! If you make a mistake or need help, tag @tech-volunteers in the Discord or email

WeForest Fundraising Total Entries
Less than $50 1
$50 or more 2
$150 or more 4
$300 or more 8
$500 or more 10

Entry deadline is Sunday, December 5th, at 4pm ET/1pm PT.

Fill out the form below once for each entry!
After you submit, you’ll see a link to submit another entry.