Reminders and Explanations

Are you getting excited, Mighty Pens? It’s almost November!

What can I do now?

  1. Have you sent in the receipt for your $10 donation to NaNoWriMo? Required if you want to claim prizes!
  2. Plan your Nano. Check out all the Preptober posts!
  3. Make friends on the Discord (see your welcome mail) or social media. On Twitter/Insta, use #TheMightyPens or #MP2020 and/or follow the official accounts (Insta @theMightyPensOfficial, Twitter @mighty_pens) .
  4. Prepare for fundraising.
    • Make a list of people whom you can personally ask for donations.
    • Practice your pitch. You might need to explain Nanowrimo, and you’ll definitely want to say why are you participating in the Mighty Pens. Most people, especially your family and close friends, will be interested in why you’re interested.
    • Ping the #fundraising Discord channel for ideas or questions.
    • Check out more fundraising tips!

What should I do on November 1st?

  1. Write your 1,667 words!
  2. Share your fundraising page (via email, in person, or on your social media).

How do I update my info?

You should have gotten an email with subject “Mighty Pens Sign-up” that looks like this:

Mighty Pens Sign-up email with "Edit response" button

Click the “Edit response” button (it looks greyed out, but it should be clickable) to update and edit your responses. Fields for word count and fundraising total will be added on November 1.

How will I claim prizes?

Word count prizes

When you reach a new word count prize level (5K, 15K, 25K, and 50K), update your word count via the form link as explained above. Then head here to claim your swag!

Fundraising prizes

Make sure you’ve updated your fundraising info! Use the link that Google emailed you to edit your sign-up form (it should have arrived right around the same time as your “Welcome to the Mighty Pens!” email).

Peruse the list of prizes to get an idea of what will be available at the level you’ve reached. (Some prizes will be raffled off at the end, as well. Keep an eye on your email for more info.)

On November 10th, 20th, and 30th, the prize claim page will go live (exact time to be determined). Find and click on the prize you want, then fill out the form. It will ask for your name and email, so make sure you use the same one you signed up with!

If you get a confirmation message and an email, then you’ve claimed the prize!

“Fine Print”

  • You may claim a prize at any level at or below your fundraising total that day.
  • You may claim one prize during each claim window (up to three total in November).
  • Volunteers will verify your fundraising total.
  • At the end of November, we will send individual mails with info on how to connect with the donor(s) of the prize(s) you claimed.

If you need help or have questions, reach out on Discord, social media, or email!


One of your MP tech gurus. @AbigailFair on Twitter!