Creating your 2022 fundraiser

Hooray! You’ve decided to join the Mighty Pens for 2022! Hopefully you’ve made your $10 donation to Nanowrimo, but if not, head over here. Now, at some point ideally before November 1st, you need to create your personal fundraising page for Direct Relief.

Step 1: click on the link in your email or here and click “Join this team.”

From the fundraising page, click "Join this team"

When you click “JOIN THIS TEAM” you’ll be prompted to either log in or create an account with Most of us will have to create an account, after which you’ll be redirected to the page. Just click “Join This Team” again!

Step 2: Set up your personal fundraiser. You’ll click through several explanations, and then you can click through their explanation if you like.

step 2
fundraiser step 3

Step 3: Upload a picture to your fundraiser profile if you want.

Step 4: Find a picture or video that feels meaningful to your fundraiser. (You can always change it later! Email or check #fundraising in the Discord for ideas.)

Step 5: Deets! You can set a goal, add an Instagram feed, tell people about yourself—it’s a very flexible page editor. Make sure to fill in all required fields. Categories that still need info will have the yellow dot on the left. You can always go back and change things or add more.

Step 6: Another place to access your personal fundraiser description. Talk about why you’re doing Nanowrimo, why fundraising is important to you, or anything that else that personalizes your page to donors.

Step 7: Under Settings (the two-gears icon on the left), start your metrics on November 1st. Make sure to end on November 30th, 11:59pm (your local time).

2022 fundraiser page metrics