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WOW! We have our first two Silver Pen winners! You guys are rockstars for hitting 15K words already.

First up is Kim Merrill, one of our volunteers. She’s “inopinion” if you’ve been following her awesome sprints on the Discord. You can shower her with congrats and questions about how she does it on Twitter @inopinion or Insta @onogonal, or donate to her fundraiser if you feel so inclined!


Amidst a civil war, a true Queen rises to claim her throne, complete a prophecy, and face the threat of a foreign invasion.

Niha dropped and then rolled down the embankment yelping as she went. She gripped onto the soil, sticks and grasses becoming hand-holds and her salvation. She hung off the lip legs kicking against the eroded dirt. The grass roots began to loosen, the clumps of dirt barely gripping with spindly tendrils. She kicked her legs into the ground and lifted herself up to her elbows, rested in slightly better position, and then convinced herself to try getting her leg back over the lip. Niha swung for ballast throwing her foot up and pulling with her elbows at the same time. Just as her heel made the lip, the entire edge crumbled away falling with her. Niha screamed. Wind whipped. Her instincts cushioned her fall only to find herself on the solid wagon track looking up from a mere seven feet below.

Congratulations again and thank you for participating in the Mighty Pens!

~Abigail (@AbigailFair)