WeMighty: 2021 Roundup

Happy December, writers—we made it!

November was long and hard this year, but together, we made it through and are all the better for it. We are so proud of everyone’s hard work to do the dang thing. We raised money and we wrote words, and that’s the most important thing of all. Don’t get discouraged if the numbers this year are lower than years previous. This year has been hard on everyone and we’re are not disappointed at all.

We came together even though it was hard. We pulled out wins and even if we didn’t, we put words on the page, and that in and of itself is a win in our book. And now for the main event.


Fundraising Tally

In the back half of the month, you seriously put in the work. Don’t forget that ten days ago, this number was still under $1000. Thank you all for going out there and writing for a cause!

$3167 for WeForest

You are doing some serious good in the world this year. If you want to put it into perspective, our fearless leader Kat said on Twitter that the money she raised this year will feed over 50 people affected by the Tigray famine! Way to go, Kat! And just another huge thank you and congratulations to everyone else who raised money, this year, too.

It’s no secret that we all love to write. It’s no secret that the Mighty Pens community is the reason most of us keep coming back year after year. But sometimes the best-kept secret in the Mighty Pens is how much good we are trying to do every year. Well, we don’t want it to be a secret! Join us next year as we fundraise for a new organization—and don’t forget to spread the word!

Word Count Tally

Okay, so I can admit that I struggled hard this year in terms of writing, and while that’s a little disappointing (the first year I haven’t won since I started), looking at this number of all the words we wrote together makes me feel better.

Almost 795,000 Words Written

Whether you wrote 1000 words this month or 100,000, you are amazing. Writing is hard. Really, really hard. But you did the dang thing. You put words on the page and that’s all that really matters. I’m so happy we could do this as a community. All of us at the Mighty Pens are.

Just because November is over, though, doesn’t mean we have to say goodbye! Stay tuned in the coming days to celebrate all the Mighty Pens this year! And our Discord doesn’t just go away on December 1, either. You can drop by and say hi anytime. There’s a good chance there will be a few writers lurking and waiting for spirit buddies.

One last round of applause for all of our writers and fundraisers this year! THANK YOU!


See you next year!