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Thank you so, so much for joining the Mighty Pens!

We (Kat and Sooz) are delighted you’ve decided to embark on this wild adventure for the month of November. Whatever your writing goal is, you’re gonna kick its butt — and we’re gonna be right beside you to cheer you on.

But only so long as you’re willing to cheer us on, of course. 😉


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First Steps


  • Input your info on this shared Google Spreadsheet.
  • Make a profile with the Malala Fund on the Mighty Pens campaign page! Note: this is optional! People can donate in your name without you having a profile using comments (they must write your name in the comment when they donate!!), but we’ve found it’s fun and easier to keep track this way.
    1. Donate $10 as soon as you can — remember that you can’t collect any prizes, even writing prizes, until you personally donate the $10!
    2. If you are a minor, your parents or guardians can donate for you!
  • Connect with us on Twitter! The official hashtag is #TheMightyPens. Be sure to follow for updated prize information, sprints, and to support your teammates.
  • We will also have news and updates added regularly to the News & Updates page.
  • Check out the Writing Resources we’ve got set up for you! There are some printables for you, a sprinting schedule, and more!


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For the Campaign

  • The campaign will run from November 1st to the 30th.
  • Please ask your sponsors not to donate after November 30th. Again, to keep things equal and fair.
  • As you write, be sure to keep your information on the Google Spreadsheet updated! We will be verifying your fundraising totals in the days before we open the prize gates. Word count prizes will be given based honor system, with the Mighty Pen tier verified through NaNoWriMo. (So be sure to keep your NaNoWriMo page updated too!)
  • You can claim your Writing Prizes at any time in November! (After you’ve donated $10, of course.)
  • Fundraising prizes can only be claimed on the 10th, 20th, and 30th. They will be offered on a first-come, first-serve basis, so when requesting your prize, please list up to four alternate selections.