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Word Count Prizes

Regardless of how much money you raise, ALL writers qualify for our writing prizes! 

  • When you’ve written 5000 words, you win:
    • The Bronze Pen virtual badge!
    • Twitter & Insta shout out!
  • When you’ve written 15000 words, you win:
    • The Silver Pen virtual badge!
    • A special discord role!
    • A positivity read for up to 3,000 words from Mel!
    • A 250 word snippet posted in the Discord for others to read!
    • Your aesthetic posted in a shout out on Instagram & Twitter!
  • When you’ve written 25000 words, you win:
    • The Gold Pen virtual badge!
    • A Mighty Pens Pin! (Made by Casey)
    • A special discord role!
    • A positivity read of up to 6,000 words from Meli! (total, does not stack)
  • When you’ve written 50000 words, you win:
    • The Mighty Pen virtual badge!
    • An Interview on the blog!
    • A Mighty Pens sticker!
    • A 9,000 word positivity read from Mel! (total, does not stack)
    • A handwritten postcard from Sooz!
    • Your name on the list of the Mightiest of Pens!

And unlike fundraising prizes, word count prizes can be collected at any time!